Immunotherapy Models

Syngeneic Mouse Tumor Models

Syngeneic mouse models enable researchers to evaluate immunotherapy candidates in a fully functional immune system. This is done by transferring a mouse tumor cell line into an inbred mouse strain with an intact immune system.

Syngeneic Models

TD2 Syngeneic models are:

  • Fully Characterized – Syngeneic tumor models are fully characterized for gene expression, TIL baseline populations, and response to common immune checkpoint inhibitors.
  • One Consistent Host — through 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene sequencing launched before the study even begins, we define the microbiome at the onset, which enables your project focused access to a known and stable host from start to finish.
  • Find Effector Cells — through multi-parameter flow cytometry, we can characterize phenotypic immune cell population changes post-treatment.

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Available Syngeneic Models

Figure 1. Growth curve response to standard of care treatments in orthotopic E0071 in C57BL/6 mice, subcutaneous MC38 in C57BL/6 mice, and subcutaneous CT-26 in balb/c mice in

E0771 Murine Breast Tumor Model

E0771 Murine Breast Tumor Model

MC38 Murine Colon Tumor Model

MC38 Murine Colon Tumor Model

CT-26 Murine Colon Tumor Model

CT-26 Murine Colon Tumor Model



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Cell therapy models

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  • Expertise includes: CAR-T, NK-CAR, IPS-NKs, Macrophages

Humanized mice

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