Advanced Clinical Flow Cytometry Solutions for Oncology Research

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Flow cytometry is becoming a critical tool in clinical trials, especially in immuno-oncology. Cell therapy such as CAR-T and CAR-NK often utilize flow cytometry to monitor the persistence and differentiation of the cells during treatment. Multi-color flow cytometry assays allow for the identification and quantification of different cell types in a single heterogeneous sample and provide information about the frequency, phenotypes, or drug binding of specific cell populations. Flow cytometry assays are a valuable endpoint in clinical trials to help assess a drug or cell therapy’s effect. Whole blood, PBMC, or bone marrow aspirate may be used as samples. We have extensive expertise in these areas:

  • Immunophenotyping
  • Receptor Occupancy Assays (ROA)
  • Biomarker Assay Development
  • Evaluation of Cell Surface and Intra-Cellular Markers
  • Qualification/Validation of Flow Cytometry Assays
  • Manufacturing Release Assays for Cell Therapies
  • GLP Flow Cytometry

While it is not a requirement for every clinical flow cytometry assay, we are able to perform work in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

For example, standard TBNK panels are gated through CD45+ Lymphocytes to CD3+ cells, and then to CD4 (T Helper) and CD8 (T Effector) populations. B cells are identified as CD3-CD20+ and NK cells as CD3-CD16+. Examples of Non-Human Primate Panel A and Human Panel B TBNK results are shown below.

Advanced Clinical Flow Cytometry Solutions for Oncology Research

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Clinical Trial Services Include:

  • Data management
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical monitoring
  • eTMF management
  • Quality Assurance


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