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Advancing Oncology Research: Cell Line Derived Xenografts (CDX) for Preclinical Studies

Enhance Your Research with TD2’s Cell Line Derived Xenografts

TD2 provides in vivo studies using Cell Line Derived Xenografts (CDX), essential for evaluating the efficacy of oncology therapeutics in a controlled environment. Conducting preclinical studies with validated CDX models ensures accuracy and reliability in oncology research. By partnering with TD2, researchers can gain critical insights into tumor biology and treatment responses, facilitating the development of new cancer therapies.

Immuno-Oncology Preclinical Models

CDX Models

Features and Benefits:

  • Thoroughly Validated: TD2 utilizes CDX models that are validated for genetic fidelity, tumor growth characteristics, and responsiveness to standard treatments, ensuring relevant and reliable preclinical data.

  • Broad Spectrum of Cancer Types: With a diverse range of CDX models representing various cancer types, TD2 supports comprehensive research across multiple oncological indications, enhancing the applicability of findings to clinical settings.

  • Clinical Predictive Value: Using validated CDX models for preclinical studies provides strong predictive value for clinical outcomes, enabling researchers to move into clinical trials with greater confidence in their therapeutic candidates.

  • Detailed Therapeutic Evaluation: TD2’s expertise with CDX models allows for in-depth analysis of therapeutic efficacy, offering insights into tumor response and potential resistance mechanisms, crucial for optimizing cancer treatments.

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Why Choose TD2?

  • Expertise and Experience: TD2 has extensive experience in oncology research, supported by a team of experts dedicated to providing high-quality preclinical data.

  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing the latest advancements in preclinical research, TD2 ensures high standards of study execution and data integrity.

  • Collaborative Approach: TD2 works closely with clients to design studies that meet their specific research goals, providing relevant and actionable data for therapeutic development.

  • Comprehensive Services: From study design to data analysis, TD2 offers end-to-end preclinical research services, streamlining the research process and delivering timely results.

Partner with TD2 to advance your oncology research with reliable and predictive Cell Line Derived Xenografts (CDX) models.

Figure A. Survival of BxPC3 after orthotopic intrapancreatic
injection of Nu/Nu mice (n=5)

Figure B. Growth of subcutaneous SW480 in Nu/Nu mice (n=5 mice).


Enhance your oncology research with validated Cell Line Derived Xenografts (CDX).

Are you ready to advance your preclinical studies with high-quality CDX models? Partner with TD2, where our expertise in oncology research and state-of-the-art technologies provide accurate and reliable preclinical data. Gain critical insights into tumor biology and treatment responses, facilitating the development of new cancer therapies. Take the first step today and contact our experts to elevate your research.