SNU-1 CDX Model

The SNU-1 cell line originates from human gastric carcinoma, a subtype of stomach cancer arising from the epithelial cells lining the stomach. Gastric carcinoma is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, known for its heterogeneity and potential for early metastasis. The SNU-1 cell line serves as a pivotal platform for elucidating the intricate biology, progression, and therapeutic nuances associated with this malignancy. Representing specific molecular features and genetic alterations commonly observed in gastric carcinoma patients, SNU-1 is essential in preclinical research. Its in vitro and in vivo behavior offers vital insights into the growth kinetics, invasive capabilities, and treatment responses of gastric tumors. Researchers widely utilize the SNU-1 model to decode the molecular dynamics of gastric carcinoma, assess the efficacy of emerging therapeutic strategies, and investigate potential mechanisms of resistance to established therapies.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Stomach-
Cancer Type: Gastric Carcinoma
Model Name: SNU-1
Mouse Strain: NSG

SNU-1 Growth curves

SNU-1 CDX Model

Growth of subcutaneous SNU-1 in NSG mice (n=8)

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