NCI-H1963 CDX Model

The NCI-H1963 cell line originates from human lung cancer, a leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide. Lung cancer is marked by its vast heterogeneity, encompassing various subtypes each with distinct molecular signatures and therapeutic vulnerabilities. The NCI-H1963 cell line offers a quintessential platform for investigating the intricate biology, progression, and therapeutic avenues associated with lung cancer. This cell line encapsulates key molecular features and genetic perturbations typically identified in lung cancer patients, amplifying its significance in preclinical studies. The behavior of NCI-H1963, both in vitro and in vivo, provides profound insights into the growth dynamics, metastatic potential, and drug sensitivity/resistance patterns typical of lung tumors. Researchers extensively leverage the NCI-H1963 model to decode the molecular underpinnings of lung cancer, to assess the impact of novel therapeutic agents, and to unravel potential resistance mechanisms to standard treatments.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Lung
Cancer Type: Lung Cancer
Model Name: NCI-H1963
Mouse Strain: (development)

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