MDA-MB-231 Orthotopic Model

Synonyms: MDAMB231

MDA-MB-231 is a cell line originating from human triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), a breast cancer subtype that lacks expression of estrogen, progesterone, and HER2 receptors. As one of the most widely used models for TNBC research, MDA-MB-231 is instrumental for understanding the aggressive nature of this cancer and its metastatic potential. The cell line captures key molecular and genetic hallmarks characteristic of TNBC patients, rendering it invaluable for both in vitro and in vivo studies. With traits that include rapid tumor growth, propensity for metastasis, and resistance to certain treatments, MDA-MB-231 closely recapitulates the clinical challenges faced in managing TNBC. Researchers extensively use this cell line to investigate the underlying biology of TNBC and to identify and evaluate potential therapeutic strategies.

Model Details

Cancer Type: Breast Cancer
Model Name: MDA-MB-231
Mouse Strain: NSG
Treatment Data Available: anti-PD-L1 (Durvalumab)

MDA-MB-231 Growth curves: Response to anti-PD-L1

Growth of orthotopic (MFP) MDA-MB-231  in NSG mice  (n=8)

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