Preclinical Capabilities

Optimal Study Design to Advance Your Therapeutic Program

TD2 is your trusted, experienced team when it comes to running preclinical oncology studies. Our extensive knowledge in both solid and hematologic tumors, immuno-oncology and adoptive cell therapy enables optimal study design and rapid study initiation.

Not only can we execute your preclinical studies, but we provide a consultative approach to ensure best results and continuity with a clinical and regulatory strategy. Our team has been involved in 600+ first in human studies. We have the specialized oncology knowledge to design and execute your preclinical program in support of your clinical and regulatory goals.

Comprehensive preclinical services.

Personalized, Expert Support

  • 300+ established mouse models
    • Syngeneic
    • Adoptive cell therapy models
    • VK*Myc mouse
    • Glioblastoma PDX
    • Humanized mouse models
    • Orthotopic
  • 400+ cancer cell lines
    • Well-characterized
    • Precision dosing – Tecan D300 digital dispenser
    • Combination interactions with immune effector cells
    • Synergy studies
  • Non-GLP safety and tolerability
  • Bioanalytical and DMPK capabilities
  • Biomarker screening
  • Optical imaging

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Optimal Study Design to Advance Your Therapeutic Program

Syngeneic mouse models Syngeneic tumor models are fully characterized for gene expression, TIL baseline populations, and response to common immune checkpoint inhibitors.

One Consistent Host — through 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene sequencing launched before the study even begins, we define the microbiome at the onset, which enables your project focused access to a known and stable host from start to finish.

Find Effector Cells — through multi-parameter flow cytometry, we can characterize phenotypic immune cell population changes post-treatment. See available models

CAR-T capabilities

Having performed more than 100 studies and strong experience with CAR T-cell handling and processing, we have the specialized oncology knowledge to design and execute your adoptive cell therapy program.

TD2 can begin with cryopreserved or fresh CAR T-cells. We use fluorescent-based counting methods rather than manual dye counting to learn more about the viability of the CAR T-cells. Fluorescent counting helps to more accurately determine cell count and viability. See available cell lines

Humanized mice

• Human PBMCs or effector cell engraftment
• Sourced CD34+ humanized mice


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