Flow Cytometry Processing and Analysis of Tumor Specimens: Testing Viability and Staining Post Shipping

Authors: Christine Samuelson, Hillary Reif, Cabot Cornwall, Sarah Johnson, Rubina Pal, Khushbu Komal, Jayne Schaubhut, Jennifer J. Stewart, and Lynette Brown
Flow Contract Site Laboratory, 18323 Bothell Everett Hwy, Suite 110, Bothell, WA 98012


Abstract: Flow cytometry can be utilized to analyze a variety of tumor models that are commonly used for testing during the drug development process. EMT6, LL/2, and Pan02 are tumor models frequently used to study the development and progression of cancer, and test the effectiveness and potential side effects of new treatment options. Research done using these models provides valuable insight into the toxicology and safety of potential drug candidates. Due to reservations about shipping stability negatively affecting tumor’s viability and yield, researchers are often hesitant to use an offsite laboratory. However, a specialty laboratory may be the best choice for providing more detailed and comprehensive flow cytometry results for the specific analysis method.

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