LL/2-luc Syngeneic Model

Synonyms: LL2-luciferase, LL/2-luciferase, LL2-luc, LL/2-luc, LL/2-luciferase-expressing cell line

LL/2-luc is a specialized cancer cell line derived from LL/2, engineered to express luciferase, an enzyme that emits light upon substrate addition. This unique feature enables non-invasive imaging of tumor growth and metastasis in real-time. LL/2-luc is particularly useful for imaging studies, allowing researchers to monitor the efficacy of therapeutic interventions and evaluate treatment response. With its luminescent properties, LL/2-luc provides valuable insights into lung cancer biology and facilitates the development of novel imaging-based approaches for studying tumor dynamics.

Model Details

Cancer Type: Lung Cancer
Model Name: LL/2-luc
Mouse Strain: C57BL/6
Treatment Data Available: aPD-1, aPD-L1, aCTLA-4

LL/2-luc Growth Curve: Response to aPD-1, aPD-L1, and aCTLA-4

LL/2-luc Syngeneic Model

Growth of subcutaneous LL/2-luc in C57BL/6 mice (n=8). Response to PD-1 dosed Q3D x 4, aPD-L1 dosed Q3D x 4, and aCTLA-4 dosed Q3D x 4.

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