Jurkat-Luc CDX Model

The Jurkat-Luc cell line is derived from human acute T cell leukemia (ATL), a rare and aggressive form of leukemia that originates from T lymphocytes. The “Luc” indicates that this cell line has been modified to express luciferase, enabling real-time monitoring of tumor growth and spread in in vivo imaging studies. Jurkat-Luc serves as an indispensable tool for studying the intricate biology and pathogenesis of ATL and for gauging the efficacy of potential therapeutic strategies. This cell line showcases key molecular signatures and genetic features typical of ATL, making it a robust model for preclinical investigations. The in vitro and in vivo behavior of Jurkat-Luc, especially when paired with bioluminescence imaging, provides insights into the rapid proliferation dynamics, systemic spread, and treatment responses of ATL. Researchers extensively employ the Jurkat-Luc model to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying ATL and to develop and evaluate innovative therapeutic strategies targeting the unique vulnerabilities of this leukemia subtype.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Intravenous
Cancer Type: Acute T Cell Leukemia
Model Name: Jurkat-Luc
Mouse Strain: Nu/Nu, NSG

Jurkat-luc Growth curves

Jurkat-Luc CDX Model

Growth of subcutaneous Jurkat-luc (n=5 mice).

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