ID8-luc Syngeneic Model

Synonyms: ID8-luciferase, ID8-luciferase-expressing cell line

ID8-luc is a specialized cancer cell line derived from ID8 ovarian cancer cells, engineered to express luciferase for non-invasive imaging studies. This unique feature allows real-time monitoring of tumor growth and metastasis. ID8-luc serves as a valuable tool in preclinical research, facilitating the evaluation of therapeutic interventions and studying ovarian cancer biology. Its luminescent properties enable researchers to gain insights into tumor dynamics and develop novel imaging-based approaches for ovarian cancer studies.

Model Details

Cancer Type: Ovarian Cancer
Model Name: ID8-luc
Mouse Strain: C57BL/6
Treatment Data Available: Chemotherapy, other

ID8-luc Growth Curve

ID8-luc Syngeneic Model

Growth of IP disseminated ID8-luc in C57BL/6 mice (n=5)

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