HT-55 CDX Model

The HT-55 cell line is derived from human colorectal cancer (CRC), a prevalent malignancy with significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. CRC manifests in various subtypes, with HT-55 providing vital knowledge into the disease’s multifaceted pathogenesis and treatment responses. This cell line encompasses many of the molecular characteristics and genetic mutations typically found in CRC patients, underscoring its significance for preclinical research. The in vitro and in vivo behavior of HT-55 offers a glimpse into the growth kinetics, invasive properties, and potential metastatic tendencies of CRC. Researchers utilize the HT-55 model to decipher molecular pathways involved in CRC progression, to evaluate drug responses, and to innovate therapeutic strategies targeting CRC’s diverse vulnerabilities.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Colon
Cancer Type: Colorectal Cancer
Model Name: HT-55
Mouse Strain: NCr Nude

HT55 Growth curves

HT-55 CDX Model

Growth of subcutaneous HT55 in NCr Nude mice (n=8 mice).

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