GBM85 GBM Model

GBM85-derived PDX model stands as a cornerstone in Brain Cancer drug discovery. Its significance lies in its ability to faithfully replicate the complex characteristics of patient tumors. In preclinical drug testing, GBM85 PDX serves as a vital bridge between laboratory findings and clinical success. By closely mimicking patient responses, it enables researchers to assess the efficacy, safety, and potential side effects of drug candidates with unparalleled precision. This model is instrumental in identifying promising therapies and optimizing treatment strategies for Brain Cancer patients.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Intracranial
Cancer Type: Intracranial
Model Name: GBM85
Mouse Strain: Nu/Nu
Treatment Data Available: Chemotherapy (Temozolomide), Radiation (2Gy)
WES: Yes
RNAseq: Yes
Methylation: Yes
PDX Treatment: Yes
Patient Treatment History: Yes

GBM85 Survival

Survival of orthotopic intracranial implanted  GBM85 in Nu/Nu mice  (n=5)

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