GBM14 GBM Model

GBM14, a Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) model, is your gateway to understanding brain cancer. Investigate its features to uncover new insights and therapeutic strategies for this challenging disease. PDX models like GBM14 offer a unique opportunity to study the complexities of brain cancer in a controlled laboratory setting. Researchers can evaluate the efficacy and safety of potential drug candidates using GBM14, providing critical data for drug development. By utilizing GBM14, you can contribute to the advancement of brain cancer treatments and the improvement of patient care.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Intracranial
Cancer Type: Brain Cancer
Model Name: GBM14
Mouse Strain: Nu/Nu
Treatment Data Available: Chemotherapy (Temozolomide)
WES: Yes
RNAseq: Yes
Methylation: Yes
PDX Treatment: Yes
Patient Treatment History: Yes

GBM14 Survival

Survival of orthotopic intracranial implanted  GBM14 in Nu/Nu mice  (n=10)

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