GBM129 GBM Model

GBM129-derived PDX is a pivotal link between laboratory research and clinical success in Brain Cancer treatment. Its ability to closely mirror patient responses empowers researchers to investigate the effectiveness of therapies with unparalleled precision. GBM129 PDX is instrumental in the development of novel treatment strategies for Brain Cancer, guiding researchers towards safer, more effective, and tailored therapies for patients. It plays a central role in advancing preclinical drug discovery in Brain Cancer.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Intracranial
Cancer Type: Brain Cancer
Model Name: GBM129
Mouse Strain: Nu/Nu
Treatment Data Available: Chemotherapy (Temozolomide)
WES: Yes
RNAseq: Yes
Methylation: Yes
PDX Treatment: Yes
Patient Treatment History: Yes

GBM129 Survival

Survival of orthotopic intracranial implanted  GBM129 in Nu/Nu mice  (n=5)

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