GBM123 GBM Model

GBM123-derived PDX is an invaluable asset in the realm of Brain Cancer drug discovery. Its unique capability to replicate patient responses with precision sets it apart. Researchers rely on GBM123 PDX to bridge the gap between laboratory discoveries and clinical success. This model provides a robust foundation for evaluating the potential of drug candidates, offering critical insights into treatment efficacy and safety. GBM123 PDX is instrumental in identifying novel therapies and advancing the field of Brain Cancer drug discovery.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Intracranial
Cancer Type: Brain Cancer
Model Name: GBM123
Mouse Strain: Nu/Nu
Treatment Data Available: Chemotherapy (Temozolomide)
WES: Yes
RNAseq: Yes
Methylation: Yes
EGFR Exon Varient: Del. exons 13-14
PDX Treatment: Yes
Patient Treatment History: Yes

GBM123 Survival

GBM123 GBM Model

Survival of orthotopic intracranial implanted GBM123 in Nu/Nu mice (n=5)

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