Synonyms: CEM

The CCRF-CEM cell line originates from human acute T cell lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL), a subtype of acute lymphoblastic leukemia that arises from T cell precursors. CCRF-CEM provides a valuable in vitro and in vivo model for understanding the biology, pathogenesis, and therapeutic responses of T-ALL. Exhibiting key molecular characteristics and genetic features of T-ALL, the CCRF-CEM cell line serves as a representative model for preclinical investigations related to this aggressive leukemia. Its behavior closely mimics the rapid proliferative nature of T-ALL, along with its interactions with the bone marrow microenvironment and potential for systemic dissemination. Researchers frequently utilize CCRF-CEM to gain deeper insights into T-ALL pathogenesis, the leukemia-stroma interactions, and to test and develop new therapeutic regimens, particularly those related to targeted and chemotherapeutic interventions.

Model Details

Cancer Location: Intravenous
Cancer Type: Acute T Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Model Name: CCRF-CEM
Mouse Strain: NSG, CB.17 SCID

CCRF-CEM Growth Curves

Growth of subcutaneous CCRF-CEM in NSG mice (n=5)

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