Cal-27-fluc Orthotopic Model

Synonyms: CAL27-fluc

Cal-27-fluc is a cell line derived from human oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), with engineered expression of firefly luciferase (fluc) for advanced in vivo bioluminescence imaging. This enhancement allows researchers a dynamic approach to visualize and track the progression and spread of OSCC in real-time. Cal-27-fluc retains pivotal molecular markers and genetic traits seen in OSCC patients, making it a pertinent model for both in vitro and in vivo studies. The cell line’s characteristics, which encompass tumor formation, metastatic potential, and specific resistance mechanisms, provide a comprehensive reflection of the clinical scenarios associated with OSCC. Cal-27-fluc serves as a pivotal tool for researchers aiming to elucidate the complexities of oral cancer and in the search for innovative treatment modalities.

Model Details

Cancer Type: Oral Cancer
Model Name: Cal-27-fluc
Mouse Strain: NSG
Treatment Data Available: N/A

Cal-27-fluc Growth curves

Growth of IP disseminated Cal-27-fluc in NSG mice (n=5 mice)

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