BxPC3-luc Orthotopic Model


BxPC3-luc is a luminescent pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line derived from BxPC3. It expresses luciferase, enabling non-invasive monitoring of tumor growth and response to treatments using bioluminescence imaging techniques. BxPC3-luc serves as a valuable tool for preclinical research in pancreatic cancer, allowing researchers to study tumor behavior, evaluate drug efficacy, and explore therapeutic approaches. This cell line offers a practical platform for investigating pancreatic cancer biology and developing novel treatment strategies.

Model Details

Cancer Type: -B-
Model Name: BxPC3-luc
Mouse Strain: Nu/Nu
Treatment Data Available: N/A

BxPC3-luc Growth curves

Growth of BxPC3-luc after orthotopic intrapancreatic injection of Nu/Nu mice (n=5)

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