BT-474 Orthotopic Model

Synonyms: BT474

BT-474 is a cell line sourced from human mammary ductal carcinoma, more commonly known as breast cancer. Renowned for its expression of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2), it provides a robust model for the study of HER2-positive breast cancers. BT-474 showcases vital molecular and genetic signatures typical of specific breast cancer subtypes, ensuring its relevance in both in vitro and in vivo research initiatives. The behavior of this cell line, including its proliferative rates, hormone responsiveness, and resistance patterns, mirrors many of the clinical presentations of HER2-positive breast tumors. Utilized globally, BT-474 is pivotal for researchers aiming to deepen their understanding of breast cancer pathogenesis, as well as for those working towards the optimization of targeted therapies.

Model Details

Cancer Type: Breast Cancer
Model Name: BT-474
Mouse Strain: Nu/Nu
Treatment Data Available: N/A

BT-474 Growth curves

BT-474 Orthotopic Model

Growth of orthotopic (MFP) BT-474 in Nu/Nu mice (n=5)

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