SK-OV-3-luc Orthotopic Model

Synonyms: SKOV3-luc

SK-OV-3-luc is a cell line derived from human ovarian cancer, which has been engineered to express luciferase for enhanced in vivo imaging. This cell line offers a unique platform to study the progression and biology of ovarian cancer as well as to evaluate potential therapeutic strategies. SK-OV-3-luc maintains essential molecular and genetic characteristics observed in ovarian cancer patients, positioning it as a relevant model for both in vitro and in vivo investigations. Its behavior, including tumor growth, metastasis, and resistance profiles, is reflective of the clinical manifestations of ovarian cancer. Researchers use SK-OV-3-luc not only to delve into ovarian cancer’s intricacies but also to screen and optimize treatment regimens using real-time imaging.

Model Details

Cancer Type: Ovarian Cancer
Model Name: SK-OV-3-luc
Mouse Strain: NSG
Treatment Data Available: N/A

SK-OV-luc Growth curves

Growth of IP disseminated SK-OV-3-luc in mice (n=5 mice)

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