10-Color Flow Cytometry Panels for the Evaluation of T Cell Subsets Such as TH Subsets, T Cell Activation, and T Regulatory Cells for Application in Clinical Trials

Authors: Jennifer J Stewart, PhD, Rubina Pal, PhD, and Lynette Brown, MS, CHT
Flow Contract Site Laboratory, LLC

Abstract: T cells are important in cell immunity comprising of a variety of different subsets. The Th1, Th2, Th17 subsets target intracellular pathogens, parasites and bacteria have been show to be involved in autoimmune diseases and allergy/asthma. T regulatory cells are important in autoimmune disease and certain cancers while T cell activation and Memory/Effector/Naïve T cell subsets also are important populations for investigation. Researchers have identified surface markers for these T cell subsets which have provided a more time efficient processing of samples to provide the information required. In this project, we optimized and validated 10-color flow cytometry panels using surface markers that can be used to identify various T cell subsets. These panels can provide a useful tool in monitoring these populations over the course of a clinical trial.

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