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TD2’s integrated suite of preclinical services provides our clients with data that drives the development of clinical strategy. From the discovery stage to NDA strategy, we offer our clients advanced solutions to move their programs forward.

Our comprehensive service offerings utilized to rapidly move your treatments to the clinic include DMPK/ADME, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, expert study design and execution. Your in vivo pharmacology studies are run in our AAALAC-accredited rodent facility with the highest regard for animal welfare. All studies are conducted with a commitment to meeting the high-quality standards you expect, and each offering is customizable to meet your unique development needs. With expert drug development insight and strategy and skilled project management, TD2 is your partner for an efficient path to the clinic.

TD2’s service offering is consistently expanding and currently includes:

  • Non-GLP Safety/Tolerability
  • In vitro Pharmacology Assays
  • DMPK/ADME services
  • Tumor Xenograft Models
  • Patient-derived tumor xenograft models (GBM)
  • Syngeneic Tumor Models
  • Orthotopic Tumor Models
  • Adoptive Cell Therapy Models
  • In vivo Optical Imaging
  • Non-GLP Safety/Tolerability
  • In vitro Pharmacology Assays
  • DMPK/ADME services
  • Tumor Xenograft Models
  • Patient-derived tumor xenograft models (GBM)
  • Syngeneic Tumor Models
  • Orthotopic Tumor Models
  • Adoptive Cell Therapy
  • In vivo Optical Imaging

In Vitro Pharmacology

In vitro tools to guide your preclinical therapy.

With TD2’s vast set of in vitro preclinical tools, you can explore drug effects on tumor cells, immune cells, and tumor/effector cell potentiation for earlier guidance on efficacy. Utilizing our in-house Tecan D300 digital dispenser, TD2 can ensure precise delivery of test agents giving rapid and confident data sets. When you partner with an oncology CRO like TD2, you will have access to more than 400 proof-of-concept tumor cell lines – all well-characterized – making the transition to in vivo studies seamless.

In our In Vitro Pharmacology Laboratory, we execute assays that can:

  • Define potency on viability in a panel of cell lines
  • Identify sensitivity and resistance profiles
  • Shape in vivo proof of concept study design
  • Determine combination interaction outcomes with immune effector cells
  • Assess combination interaction with standard of care agents (Synergy studies)
  • Determine optimal drug sequencing

In Vivo Pharmacology

Support for your preclinical goals.

With access to our expansive collection of human and murine tumor cell-line based models representing all of the major and many rare histologies, TD2 can assist its clients with expert selection of relevant tumor xenograft or syngeneic models tailored to your development questions in a way that will rapidly drive development of your therapy. Our in vivo efficacy studies are designed to identify, streamline, and optimize development strategies for your oncology therapeutic – including endpoints of tumor growth inhibition, tumor growth delay, imaging endpoints and biomarker analysis – and give you direction on your path to the clinic.

Additional support in in vivo preclinical services includes:


High-tech, multi-modal AMI 1000 optimal imaging designed for powerful bioluminescence, fluorescence and X-ray

Toxicology Assessments
Data Collection
Expert Project Management

Tumor Models

Trusted IO Models

TD2 is your trusted, experienced team when it comes to running your preclinical immuno-oncology studies. We offer a comprehensive panel of human and murine tumor models to allow for planning and execution of studies in solid or hematologic malignancies. Our syngeneic tumor models are fully characterized for gene expression, TIL baseline populations, and response to common immune checkpoint inhibitors. TD2’s vast experience in Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy studies in both solid and hematologic tumors provide rapid, trusted study outcomes. When syngeneic mouse systems are not applicable for your drug, we can employee the use of humanized mice either by engrafting with human PBMCs or other effector cells or utilizing sourced CD34+ humanized mice.

Tumor Models

Specialized Animal Models

Regardless of the development question, TD2 has the specialized model you need to move your drug forward. Clients have access to humanized models, induction models, as well as specialty surgical and orthotopic models. Since we specialize in all areas of oncology and work diligently to understand your therapeutic’s mechanism of action and match that with clinical development strategies, we are constantly working to validate new model systems that represent areas of unmet medical need.
Glioblastoma PDX Models

We have more than 40 first-presentation and recurrent Primary (PDX) Glioblastoma Models that include:

  • MOA-Based Filters using selections driven by your drug’s specific mechanism of action and subsequent interrogation
  • Diverse tissue types including fixed tissue for analysis of novel markers
  • Assessment of tumor progression as single agents and in combination with standard therapies via orthotopic primary tumor models
  • Well-established protocols that ensure an extremely high post-surgery survival rate
  • Data-rich and highly characterized models with standard of care
Multiple Myeloma Models
Fibrosis Models

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