Senior Scientist – Immunology

FLSA: Exempt

Position Summary

This position is responsible for generating immunology-related hypotheses for patient segmentation, developing critical immunology assays and other cell-based assays to evaluate target engagement and pharmacodynamics for sponsored preclinical translational and clinical studies, and providing a better understanding of target immune biology in disease.

Essential Functions

  • Design a multitude of in vitro and in vivo experiments with emphasis on immunologic models of inflammation and cancer.
  • Establish and execute various mammalian cell-based assays using reporter cell lines, primary cells, or transformed mammalian cell lines, including antigen presentation assays.
  • Establish and execute flow cytometry, multiplex immunoassays and other immune-profiling assays.
  • Interpret data from various types of immuno-oncology studies.
  • Develop disease models and design biodistribution studies.
  • Manage projects with vendors and sponsor companies.
  • Isolate cells, proteins, particles, or analytes from experimental tissues or cell cultures.
  • Collaborate closely with other team members.
  • Troubleshoot and design novel approaches.
  • Build and supervise the Translational Immunology group.
  • Generate hypotheses for patient segmentation, develop critical assays to evaluate target engagement and pharmacodynamics of sponsor new drugs in patients, and provide a better understanding of target biology in disease.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

  • Ph.D. in immunology, biology, cell biology, biomedical engineering or related discipline with at least 8 years of work experience, preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline with at least 16 years work experience or Master’s degree with at least 14 years work experience.
  • Expertise in tumor immunology as demonstrated through authorship/ co-authorship of peer reviewed publications and substantial post-doctoral academic/ industry experience with evidence of sustained high performance and accomplishment.
  • Deep knowledge of human immunology and autoimmune diseases.
  • Significant focus on Immunology-focused cellular assay development for mechanistic characterization, and assessment of target engagement and/or pharmacodynamics.
  • Experience in mining large datasets, either independently or in collaboration with bioinformaticians, to understand disease pathophysiology and/or establish patient segmentation hypotheses.
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of preclinical and clinical experimental design and a high level of technical laboratory skill (i.e., cell culture, ELISA, protein signaling, qPCR technology platforms, flow cytometry and imaging) together with an ability to interpret and communicate results.
  • Hands on and execution-focused, team-oriented and highly motivated, with strong work ethic.
  • Experience with managing direct reports is required.
  • Benchwork is required.

Required Specialized/Technical Skills

  • Active thought leader within the team to critically evaluate literature regarding target and disease biology.
  • Independently design, execute and interpret a series of experiments to generate data to support decision making.
  • Support scientific associates in design, execution and interpretation of experiments.
  • Introduce and troubleshoot new methods, platforms and project concepts.
  • Support business development teams to deliver translational research needs for new experimental medicines.
  • Experience with complex in vitro models such as antigen presentation assays or organoids.
  • Experience with diverse disease models or in vivo study designs.
  • Experience in various biological techniques such as flow cytometry, ELISA, westerns, qPCR, and microscopy.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks with competing timelines.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to train and lead the work of others.
  • Solution oriented, attention to detail, interest and ability to perform in a high-demand and dynamic working environment.
  • Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Possess strategic thinking, contingency planning, problem-solving and dispute resolution skills.
  • Ability to quickly find common ground and solve problems.
  • Able to travel (10%-15%) as needed.
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