Animal Lab Technician

FLSA: Non-Exempt

Position Summary

The Animal Technician’s chief responsibility is providing rodent facility maintenance, rodent care and monitoring, and diet provisions in accordance with departmental regulations. Other responsibilities include performance of general laboratory duties and supporting research staff with study-related duties. This position reports to the Lab Manager Nonclinical Operations.

Essential Functions

  • Changes out animal cages, water dispensers, and feed containers.
  • Runs cleaning and sterilization equipment.
  • Dispenses feed and water.
  • Receives new animals, set up housing, provide feed and water, and fill out animal arrival information.
  • Performs general laboratory duties as assigned.
  • Operates and performs quality control on appropriate equipment.
  • Performs lab maintenance (e.g. room cleaning and sanitizing, instrument autoclaving).
  • Monitors animal rooms and feed storage conditions.
  • Assists Research staff with technical duties (e.g. data collection, administration of test agents according to protocol).
  • Make observations and report deviations to lab management progress, results, and future studies.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum High School Diploma or equivalent with 2 years relevant experience.

Required Specialized/Technical Skills

  • Experience in rodent handling and husbandry tasks.
  • Frequent lifting throughout the day; prolonged standing; extended hand manipulation, including but not limited to, grasping and holding.
  • Ability to follow departmental and study protocols.
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