Artificial intelligence used to identify potential clinical trial participants in minutes.

Translational Drug Development (TD2) and Deep 6 AI announced today a formal agreement to work together in the fields of oncology and fibrosis to rapidly match eligible patients with appropriate clinical trials.

The partnership grants TD2—an oncology development organization—access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence provided by Deep 6 AI, a company dedicated to finding patients for clinical trials. With the ability to analyze all structured and unstructured clinical data, including physician notes and pathology and genomic reports, Deep 6 AI’s system expedites the process of matching patients with new drug trials—finding suitable participants in minutes rather than the months it takes to manually review patient records.

“Partnering with Deep 6 AI allows TD2 to provide patients with rapid access to the newest, most advanced medicines. Our sponsor companies benefit from more timely study enrollment and patient identification that precisely matches study protocols, increasing the opportunity to demonstrate clinical activity for new medicines earlier in development,” said Stephen Gately, CEO of TD2.

This new approach allows TD2 to continuously monitor the number of eligible patients with specific cancers who are available to participate in a clinical study; identify patient populations that are rare in incidence or genomic context to define trial and regulatory opportunities; and develop dynamic protocols with inclusion/exclusion criteria based on real-time patient data.

“The partnership will advance our shared mission of getting cutting-edge treatments to patients more quickly,” said Wout Brusselaers, CEO of Deep 6 AI. “We’re thrilled to offer TD2 the ability to mine real-time patient data to guide trial feasibility and design, site selection and patient enrollment. Together we will significantly accelerate medical research.”

Over the coming months, TD2 and Deep 6 AI will establish a network of the top Phase 1 and 2 sites in oncology clinical trials to expand site and industry access to patient electronic data.

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