Collaboration to provide expanded use of Paradigm Cancer Diagnostic (PCDx™) service by oncologists across large oncology network

SCOTTSDALE, AZ and ANN ARBOR, MI Monday, April 20, 2015 — Paradigm and Translational Drug Development (TD2) today announced a partnership under which Paradigm will provide their PCDx test to TD2’s affiliated oncology provider networks.

PCDx is a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) based diagnostic test that is designed to provide physicians and patients with a more targeted, personalized approach to cancer treatment by identifying the underlying genomic and proteomic alterations of a patients tumor’s DNA, RNA & Protein.  The service is unique as the only commercially available NGS-based assay that interrogates DNA mutations, copy number variations, gene fusions and messenger RNA expression (mRNA) in typically less than five business days.

This collaboration with Paradigm will provide oncologists in the TD2 networks access to this cutting edge technology and make possible more informed and individually tailored treatment strategies for patients.

“Molecular profiling of patient tumors is a critical component of patient care that assists patients and their doctors in the selection of treatment choices more likely to provide clinical benefit,” said TD2’s CEO Stephen Gately, PhD.”  It is important for TD2 precision oncology services to identify a key strategic partner to augment our clinical services. “Access to the highest quality testing within clinically relevant timelines is essential for patients in our networks” said Gately, “but more importantly the PCDx test provides druggable targets and treatment options for those who need it the most.”

“PCDx is one of the most comprehensive, yet targeted, clinical-grade NGS-based test on the market today,” said Paradigm’s CEO Robert Penny, MD, PhD. “Our team’s ability to interrogate the most relevant genomic targets at over 5,000x average depth of coverage with 66 therapeutic associations in 4-5 business days ensures the highest degree of quality and clinical relevance for patients and physician colleagues. We look forward to this relationship with TD2 helping benefit thousands of cancer patients annually.”

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