MPI and TD2 Join in Strategic Collaboration to Provide Drug Developers a Unique Multi Biomarker Direct Path to Drug Approval

Medical Prognosis Institute A/S (MPI) – a Danish company and Translational Drug Development LLC (TD2) based in Scottsdale, Arizona, today announced a strategic collaboration offering a proprietary service that defines which initial clinical indication would most likely lead to drug approval. “This technology can dramatically increase the probability of early clinical success,” said Dr. Stephen Gately, CEO for TD2.

The use of these data is supported by strategic counselling from highly experienced translational experts focused on rapid approval. “The collaboration with TD2 is a fantastic opportunity for MPI to integrate our technology in the highly professional TD2 team,” said Peter Buhl Jensen, CEO for MPI.

“I believe there is great synergy between MPI and TD2 services. These companies share the goal of providing data and clinically relevant insight to the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as leading academic institutions, to accelerate oncology drug development,” said Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, Chief Development Officer for TD2.

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